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Due to military connections, Hang Around has a great deal of expertise in framing military memorabilia. cap badge military frmaing, framed memorobilia, medals for afghanistan, iraq, africa, presents for soldiers and service personnel
Military group photographs can be made more eye catching by using mounts in regimental colours. Commissions and warrants can be made stunning if they are framed in regimental colours with the Regimental cap badge included. elizabeth certificate, framed military awards, cap badege, regimental awards
Any 3d items such as medals, cap badges, swords and uniforms can be framed in tailor made silk lined box frames that create a stunning piece of military history. military frmaing medals, victoria cross, pricess of wales royal regiment, how to frame medals, airforce, navy

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Child swimming prints Salisbury

Children Prints

A selecton of charming 1930's and 1940's prints by J H Dowd

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Public Prints

School Prints

A selection of old prints of some of the more well known public schools of England and Scotland including Radely, Westminister, Wellington and many more.

map of Africa

Map Prints

A selection of prints of Maps of counties and cities of the British Isles and countries of the World from 19th Century.

LMH Oxford

University Prints

A selection of old prints of the main Universities of England and Scotland including the individual colleges of Oxford and Cambridge.

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Smooth Haired Dachshund


Dog Prints

A delightful selection of prints from 1920's - 1960's featuring many favourite breeds by renowned artists, Cecil Aldin, Lucy Dawson , KF Barker, Lionel Edwards and Bridget Olerenshaw


Map of the University Town of Edinburgh

University City Maps

A selection of prints of maps of the country's well known University Cities, including Bristol , Edinburgh, Oxford & Cambridge.

Fusiliers military prints

Military Prints

A selection of old prints of military uniforms, old regiments, military scenes and 1870's cartoons & poems by Major Seccombe

Equine prints

Equine Prints

Prints include a selection of horses, hunting, polo, racing and point to points


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