The Life of Lionel Edwards



Lionel Edwards was born in Conway, North Wales. He was the son of a doctor who died when he was only 7. From an early age he showed a talent for drawing horses. His obvious artistic talent persuaded his mother that, rather than join the army, he should study art in London. This he did and studied with, amongst others, the Heatherly School of Fine Art and Frank Calderon's School of Animal Painting. He became the youngest member of the London Sketch Club at 19. He eventually lived in Radley, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Wales. He was an avid fox hunter and during his life hunted with almost every pack in the country, illustrating many of them, both horses and hounds.
At the outbreak of the Great War he volunteered as a Remount Purchasing Officer along with fellow artists Cecil Aldin and Sir Alfred Munnings. On being demobilised he and his family moved to West Tytherley, near Salisbury where he lived until he died of a stroke in 1966. Over his life he wrote almost 30 books and illustrated many more.
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