The Life of Snaffles



Snaffles (Charles Johnson Payne) 1884-1967
Snaffles was born in 1884 and enlisted as a Gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery in 1902. In the early years of the century he developed his brilliant artistic skills and was able to leave the army. He became a frequent contributor to many periodicals such as the "Sporting and Dramatic". In the early part of the First World War, as an artist for "The Graphic " he sketched many scenes from the front in France before joining the Royal Naval Air Service as a rating motor mechanic. He was later commissioned as a Lieutenant into the RNVR, helping to design camouflage for ships at sea. Between the wars he continued his artistic career covering sporting scenes in England, Ireland and India. He also contributed to "Punch Magazine"
During the Second World War he helped with the camouflage of airfields, gasometers etc and joined the Home Guard. He lived in Guildford but during the war  moved to Somerset then Devon and Orcheston, Wiltshire and finally to Orchard Cottage in Hindon. There he produced a series of books and Christmas Cards for his friends. He died in 1967 and is buried in Fonthill Bishop Churchyard
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